Penelope Buckley

Penelope Buckley

PhD Behavioural and Experimental Economics

About Me

I am a Post-doc at GAEL - Grenoble Applied Economics Laboratory at the Université Grenoble Alpes, France. I'm currently part of the research projets: ExpeSigno and Eco-Sesa at the Université Grenoble Alpes in which we are exploring household behaviour in response to demand response incentives via a field experiment, as well as explorations of consumer behaviour in response to incentives via laboratory experiments. I am also involved in the ULHyS Project at the Université de Lorraine in which I am applying a choice experiment to determine consumers' preferences for hydrogen energy storage as a way to integrate more renwable energies into the grid.

My research interests lie in using methods from behavioural and experimental economics to encourage greener practices at a time when the world is transitioning to a more sustainable way of life.

Research Interests

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    Experimental Economics
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    Consumer Behaviour
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    Energy Consumption

Current Research

  • Buckley, P., Agnoletti, M-F., Damette, O. and Martin, A.
    Consumer preferences for hydrogen energy storage: A choice experiment.
  • Buckley, P. and Llerena, D.
  • Buckley, P., Roussillon, B., Teyssier, S.
    Loss aversion framing to incentivise small efforts for repetitive tasks.
  • Buckley, P.
    Barriers to acceptance and adoption of smart meters and incentives to lower residential energy consumption.
  • Buckley, P., Llerena, D.
    Field experiment on social conformity and varying remuneration for different efforts.



  • May - GAEL Grenoble (online)
  • May - ALISS Ivry sur Seine (online)
  • Feb - PErSEUs Metz (invited speaker)
  • Feb - GAEL Grenoble


  • Jul - BETA Nancy (invited speaker)
  • May - Sciences Po Grenoble


  • Nov - FAEE Paris (invited speaker)
  • Sep - University of Kent Canterbury (invited speaker)
  • Sep - BIEE Oxford
  • Jun - WCERE Gothenburg
  • Jun - IAEE Groningen
  • Mar - Université Grenoble Alpes
  • Jan - University of St Gallen


  • Nov - AIEE Rome
  • Nov - FAEE Paris
  • Mar - Université Grenoble Alpes


  • May - Grenoble Applied Economics Laboratory

On My Thesis

Household electricity consumption behaviour:
A meta-analysis and experimental approaches.

Supervised by Daniel Llerena and Cédric Clastres.
Defended 3 May, 2019

I explore and analyse household and consumers’ preferences and behaviour with regard to their use of smart meters and dynamic pricing for managing their electricity consumption.

In particular, I look at how consumers behave and adapt in response to the different incentives that can be delivered via a smart meter, with the goal of reducing energy consumption and making residential energy demand more flexible.

This is done through an empirical analysis of the existing experimental literature, and via laboratory experiments to investigate consumer choices and behaviour in controlled settings.


  • 2019
  • PhD

    Household electricity consumption behaviour:
    A meta-analysis and experimental approaches.

  • 2015
  • Master

    Economics and Statistics

  • 2014
  • Master


    Grenoble Ecole de Management
  • 2011
  • Bachelor

    Economics and French

    University of Kent